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              簡體中文 | ENGLISH  

              Baoding Hongyuan Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of plastic sheets in China, our company headquarter is located at Shunping County, the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang City, with superior location and good communications. We’re a company specializing in plastic sheets manufacturing and trading.

              Since established in 2003, Baoding Hongyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has become a well-known company in plastic industry of China. With strong R&D capability, advanced extrusion technology and extrusion lines, we can provide ABS, PVC, PP sheets, rods and welding rods of high performance for a diverse range of applications. For example, our products are widely used in the field of chemical, electronic, food, mechenical engineering, water-supply, environment protection projects, power communications

              Baoding Hongyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
              Add: Shunping County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China, 072250.
              Tel:+86-312-7698666 7699999
              Website: /

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